Your Future, Your Present ... and Everything in Between

Astrology is very much about the timing and trends in life. It can help to time when it is good to do something and when it is not. An astrological reading to select the right time to do something can insure good results for your action.

Are you signing a contract? Changing jobs/careers? Purchasing a new home? Taking a trip? Buying a new car? Are you getting married and looking for the right date to make a good union? This is an Electional Chart and can give you the exact time to bring something into existence so that it has the best chance of being successful for you. 

Astrology is a tool to help understand yourself, your motivations and your potentials with consideration of the environment surrounding you. You make the choices of what you do. Astrology can help you to understand the choices that you have made in the past and help you to make good choices for your future. It does not tell you what your future will be, but what your future can be. It can help you to use the energies available to your best possible advantage and to prepare for difficult energies that may be coming up.