Out of Bounds & Unaspected:
Let the Fun Begin!

Planets in our horoscopes which are out of bounds (beyond the Sun's ecliptic) operate beyond the normal range for that planetary activity or influence. These can be planets in the horoscope which operate in extreme ways, for good or for not so good. They lack restrictions and can be quite wild, having an agenda which is all their own.

Unaspected planets are those in the horoscope that do not have any aspects between themselves and any of the other planets in the horoscope. They are uninfluenced by or tempered by a connection to any other planets within the horoscope. They have no boundaries and operate completely on their own. As such, they can dominate the horoscope regardless of what else is going on in the chart. They too are quite wild.

Assessing both of these planetary situations in a chart adds yet another layer of understanding when interpreting a chart. These planetary configurations can indicate an area where the native either has no control or can be out of control, even when she wishes not to be. These can be the "stand out" planets that everyone notices about the native as they tend to present themselves fully and often.

If you would like to see if you have out of bounds and/or unaspected planets, when registering for the class, please give your:

Birth date--Month, Day, Year
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(You may also give the birth information for another person's chart that you would like to investigate.)

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