Synastry and Composite Charts

SYNASTRY compares the horoscopes of 2 (or more) people in order to understand how these people relate to one another.

Whatever their purpose in coming together, marriage, business venture, friendship or partnership of any sort, we can see how their individual characters, personalities and horoscopes will interact. This gives us insight into the viablity, comfort, discomfort, and success of their relationship as well as the specific areas between them that will need special attention.

We will look at the individual charts of the persons in the relationship, place their planets within each other's horoscopes, and note how and where each of them impacts the other.

COMPOSITE CHARTS look at the separate "entity" that forms when 2 (or more) people come together in a relationship of any sort. The horoscopes of the people in the relationship itself combine to become this entity. By joining, blending and clarifying the blend of these energies we can see the relationship itself.

Please give your birth information and the birth information of the person with whom you would like to be compared and composited for discussion (if you wish) or the information for those you would like to investigate so that the instructor is able to provide you with copies of the charts at the class. We need for each person:

  • Month, Day, Year of the birth;
  • The Exact Time Of Birth as it appears on the birth certificate;
  • The City and State of the birth. (If not born in the USA please include the Country of Birth)

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