Karma, Reincarnation, Re-Visioning

Retrogrades are a uniquely Earthly experience. A planet that is retrograde is physically as close to Earth as it can get, creating a dynamic and powerful influence in the human experience, especially relating to past life issues and karmic residue.

Retrograde planets cause us to pay attention to the status quo and "re"…re-view, re-consider, re-invent, etc. on a personal, cultural and global level.

Please join us as we investigate retrograde energy and all that it brings to the human experience. We will look at retrogrades within the birth chart as well as the universal energy of transiting retrogrades as they affect the planet.

Please bring your natal chart for discussion (if you wish) or a chart you would like to investigate. If you do not have a copy of your natal chart, when registering please give your natal chart information:

  • Birth date (month, day and year)
  • Exact birth time as it appears on your birth certificate
  • Location of your birth

This will enable the instructor to provide a copy of your chart.

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