The Face I Show To The World and

What the World Sees

The Midheaven (Medium Coeli/MC), determined by the exact moment of our birth, is the highest point of the astrological chart.  It is the most public, most visible point of who we are and represents the pinnacle of our achievements, our accomplishments.   It is not a planet, but a point or angle, a demarcation in space that is determined by the moment of birth.

The MC indicates a person’s:

  • Social standing
  • Position within society
  • Reputation within the world at large
  • Career abilities or tendencies. 

The MC, determined by the time of birth, sets the moment from which the chart begins.  The Ascendant (ASC) or Rising Sign is determined by the location on Earth where that birth moment takes place.  

The Ascendant/Rising Sign is the sign of the zodiac that is literally rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.  It is the easternmost point of the horoscope and forms an angle with the MC.

The Ascendant is our consciousness awakening and giving us a persona with which to enter the physical world through birth.  It can operate as a mask to shield us, as a filter through which we present ourselves to world, but it is always a defining point in one’s chart.  Does the ASC show who we really are?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps it really is only the mask we wear that keeps the true self hidden from view.

In this workshop, we will investigate:

  • The nuances of the Ascendant and the Midheaven;
  • The aspects that planets form to them;
  • What their signs show about the native, and more. 

We will look at charts from those attending the class, so please bring your chart with you.

If you do not have your horoscope, please let the instructor know your birth:

Month, Day, Year

Exact time of birth as it appears on your birth certificate

City and State of birth (Country if not in the USA)

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