Natal Chart Readings:

Based on the date, exact time and geographical location of a person's birth, we can determine what characteristics, talents, challenges, and gifts one has in this life. We can see the trends that are in the life which can help in career choices, life choices, etc.

Natal Chart Readings With Progressions And Transits:

We begin with the natal chart as listed above but bring the chart up to the present (or a date of your selection) to see how you have grown and where you are at this moment. The natal chart characteristics never leave, but they do evolve. While looking at the natal chart and the progressed chart, we also look at the transiting planets (where the planets actually are in the heavens at the moment) to see what effect they are having and to also forecast what is happening now, when is the best time to marry, travel, make certain decisions, make changes (career or other), move, etc.

Relationship Analysis:

In a romantic relationship? In a business relationship? Getting married? Through analyzing the two charts together we can view how you and the other person relate, interact and connect. Where do your problems lie? What are your strengths? Is this a good match? Does it look to be long-lasting? What should you be prepared for as your challenges? This can involve a Compatability Reading and/or a Composite Chart Reading.

Natal Chart Readings For Babies/Children:

With the date, exact time and geographical location of a baby's birth, we can see what characteristics, talents, challenges and gifts the child has in this life. Understanding the natural tendencies of the child can help parents to guide and help the child in achieving the best of all possible life experiences. A Baby Chart is a wonderful gift to the parents of a newborn and to the child (or to yourself and your child). For ease in referencing the information provided in this reading, it is written out in presentation form and contains the child's printed birth chart.