Your Suns are in cardinal signs and square each other. While this is an aspect of difficulty and presents obstacles, I think in your case it works as a driver to strive to be more of who each of you is and to be the best you that you can be. Each of you can be a catalyst to the other to grow in your essences and identities. The square, while difficult, is also a motivator....

Sylvia's Sun is in exact sextile to Jason's Ascendant. The sextile is an aspect of opportunity and potential growth, but it is benign. So for the opportunity to grow into something you need to make it happen. I think the aforementioned square between your Suns will cause that energy to take effect and growth will happen. Sylvia's vibrancy will help Jason to move forward.... It’s very harmonious for marriage and sexual attraction.

Jason's Sun squares Sylvia's Venus and Ascendant. This can lead to a conflict of wills as well as to Sylvia feeling bossed around or not emotionally heard. Jason may sometimes see Sylvia as a little frivolous or hyper-sensitive, but he needs to understand that emotional adjustments need to come on both sides. This too is indicative of romance and sexual attraction as it is stimulating and involves the ego and romantic love. I think that you are both emotionally mature enough to work with this rather than let it be an issue.

Sylvia's Sun trines Jason's Venus and this is also a good aspect for love and marriage. Attraction, friendship, mutual sympathy and emotional understanding are indicated by this aspect. Sylvia energizes Jason's feelings of pleasure and you will both enjoy cultural, esthetic, musical, social activities together. You have fun together.

Additionally, Sylvia's Sun sextiles Jason's Jupiter, which is lovely for favorable for happiness and stability in marriage. You should also enjoy traveling together.

Jason's Moon squares Sylvia's Mars and this too can lead to stress and possible emotional explosions. With Sylvia's Moon conjunct Jason's Mars and Jason's Moon squaring Sylvia's Mars, arguments between you need to stay in control as the anger and the level of emotional outburst toward each other can be detrimental to the relationship.

At the same time, Sylvia's Mercury is widely conjunct Jason's Moon and this is beneficial to communication about personal, domestic and emotional matters. Sylvia can help to bring out Jason's feelings and help him to communicate anything emotional that may have been blocked but that he is now willing to work on with her.

Jason's Mercury is conjunct Sylvia's Mars. If handled well, this can lead to mutual mental stimulation, but as with Sylvia's Moon conjunct Jason's Mars and Jason's Moon square Sylvia's Mars, this can also be a point of verbal and emotional explosion when you don’t agree. Cool heads should prevail if there are arguments. When and if this happens, it might be best to walk away from each other until the Mars energy of both of you has had a chance to calm down and let other energies take over.

Venus exactly trine Venus. How lovely! How spectacular that it’s exact! This is wonderful for romance, love and marriage! Lots of enjoyment together of the good things of life-socializing with good friends, art, culture, etc. This helps to mitigate the difficult Mars energies as Venus is concerned and dedicated to harmony, calm and pleasure. This will strengthen your emotional rapport, intuition about each other’s feelings and sensibilities and moods.

Overall, I see this as a very happy togetherness and one of great love and appreciation. The only thing that I would caution you on is what was said about the difficulties with anger and outbursts with Mars energy. If you have arguments or disagreements and tempers begin to flare up, walk away and come back to discuss this when the emotions have died down and you can really talk about what the issues are....