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From The Report:

Throughout this report, you will encounter terms that may not be familiar, at least from an astrological sense. So here are some definitions which will help in understanding.


Horoscope Wheel/Astrological Chart: The circle/wheel that encloses or forms the horoscope. It is comprised of 360 degrees and 12 houses.

House: Each segment of the horoscope wheel from 1 through 12 constitutes a “House”. Houses in astrology symbolize the various areas/departments of life. Each house is separated from the adjacent houses by a “Cusp”.

Cusp: The line/boundary between a house and the houses adjacent to it. Each house cusp has a sign of the zodiac on it.

Ruler Of A House: Each sign is ruled by a particular planet and its energy signature. What sign is on a house cusp determines the ruler of that house. (For example, Leo on the cusp, the ruler is the Sun. Cancer on the cusp, the ruler is the Moon, Sagittarius on the cusp, the ruler is Jupiter.) ....




In The 3rd House

Ruler Of Aries Is Mars In Virgo In The 7th House....

The Sun represents the basic life force of the individual, the ego, the vitality, the inner core of who a person is. It is the way in which the creative forces and drives are expressed...The Sun represents the individual entity in its desire to be truly its own self and exactly who it is...our identity as an individual separate from all others.

The Sun is exalted in Aries! The ego and vitality energies of the Sun function at their maximum in the sign of Aries. Aries is the beginning, the initiator of going and forceful and can be of Aries can be expressed comfortably in competitiveness and the need to be athletic. Arians can be strong leaders, with a strong will and generally approach life with enthusiasm.

With her Sun in the 3rd house, Jessica will be logical and intelligent. The Sun being in the 3rd house of communication, ideas, the logical mind, the immediate environment, the neighborhood, neighbors, brothers and sisters, cousins and early education, she will be concerned with clear, concrete thinking, information and intelligence, with an emphasis on the communication and sharing of ideas and concepts. Jessica will usually be looking for mental stimulation. She will have the desire to stand out for her intellectual abilities and she will be curious about most things. New and pioneering ideas will invigorate her as they match with her Aries Sun energy to forge new paths.

While Jessica is articulate and a good thinker, because this invigorating Sun is below the horizon, she may have some difficulties expressing herself openly and fully to people outside of her inner circle. She will likely be attracted to and surround herself with very close, intimate friends and partners (marriage) who are very driven and active, who take charge and make things happen. Further, she is most likely going to prefer to do things in tandem with other people rather than alone. (Mars, the ruler of Aries, in 7th house) But additionally, she will seek out people such as these who are also kindly and nurturing and caring. (Cancer on 7th house cusp) But don't be surprised if they are a little scrappy and competitive with each other while still being caring and there for one another. They need to stir things up sometimes.

When she enters a new situation or meets new people, what people will see is a friendly person in control of herself. But behind that mask she is probably going to need some time to get the lay of the land, see where everything is and who is who before she opens her inner self up to people. (Capricorn ASC and Sun square ASC) She may also have some difficulties adjusting to those in authority who try to exercise control over her activities. She will have a bent for looking beneath and through the obvious or the surface to see what is going on underneath that is hidden from view. Research could be intriguing for her. (Scorpio on MC and Sun inconjunct MC) Although she could find a place of accomplishment and recognition, she will not be seeking the limelight and would be more likely to enjoy the recognition from the intelligentsia who know that she is the power behind the scenes.



In The 2nd House

Ruler Of Pisces Is Neptune In Pisces In The 1st House

The Moon is connected to our emotions, our emotional reactions and sensitivity, the home, nurturing, motherhood, the family...primarily about feeling and what we feel; what we experience from within. It is through the Moon's energy signature that we can see how a person senses intuitively. The Moon gives us a view of how our early childhood and family setting affects us and gives a view of the child's interaction with the mother.

The sign of Pisces is extremely sensitive (and easily hurt) and can be quite intuitive, but not necessarily with very strong willpower and not necessarily very practical...can be very dreamy and imaginative and self-sacrificing. The Piscean Moon person can take on the emotional conditions of those around her and it is therefore important for her to associate with people who behave positively.

With the Moon in Pisces, Jessica is very sensitive and intuitive, possibly psychic. The Moon with its sensitivity in the water sign of Pisces can bring psychic abilities, which may or may not manifest. Even if she does not manifest psychic tendencies, she will certainly be sensitive to all of the moods around her and be able to easily and quickly tune in to how and what people are feeling. One of the drawbacks of the Moon in Pisces is that she may have difficulty tuning out the psychic emanations of those around her. But with the strong Aries Sun, she should be able to exercise a sense of willpower to protect her own emotional and sensitive side.

The Moon is located in the 2nd house which is a house of substance...concerned about material resources that are personally acquired through one's own efforts and abilities, possessions and whatever one needs to sustain one's self. But it is also the house of personal values, what one holds to be valuable. With Jessica's Moon located here (it is exalted by its location) she will have a deep emotional need for financial and material security. It isn't that she will be materialistic, but that she will actually need to feel financially and materially safe in order to feel emotionally safe; she will need to have all of her physical needs met and know that they will be met in order to feel secure.

Neptune is the planetary ruler of the sign Pisces and in Jessica's chart Neptune is posited in the 1st house in the sign of Pisces...Neptune...moves very slowly a "generational" planet...Jessica's generation bringing more peaceful, non-combative ways to the human race, along with a more spiritual attitude, more concern for the arts and ethereal ventures. This will be a generation to appreciate mysticism, psychic abilities and spiritual awakenings. That is the positive side of Neptune. The negative side is that it can be deceptive, unrealistic and illusionary. So while we have the optimistic potential of a more spiritually advanced humanity through her generation, there will likely be those who are also looking to take advantage of others by deceiving them.

...the house placement of Neptune in the birth chart is where we see the individual, personal side of that as to how in impacts Jessica as an individual... posited in her 1st house and imparts to her a sensitivity to and awareness of herself, her environment and herself within that environment. She is likely to have an innate sense of people and why they are who they are. Call it psychic or at least "sensitive" in the context of "sensing". She also brings forth the possibility of artistic abilities whether in visual or musical arts.

...she will be attracted to or look for sensitivity and emotional rapport with those close to her. She will choose partners who are nurturing and connected to their own emotional workings. They are likely to be emotionally supportive of each other and sensitive to each other's changing moods. The relationships themselves may seem a little moody, but this will not be uncomfortable for them. These people will be an extension of her feelings of family connections and they will interact accordingly.

...the Moon and Mercury...blend (conjunct), they combine the unconscious, visceral responses of the Moon with the conscious, logically reasoning responses of thoughtful Mercury. This brings Jessica an awareness of her emotional inner workings and gives her an ability to talk about them. With her Moon in very sensitive Pisces and her Mercury, which indicates how she will communicate, in strong and forceful Aries, she will be able to very vehemently verbalize those emotions and feelings. She may do that quite so within her close circle, but she may also take that a step further and become vocal to the public through writing and psychology.

Jessica's Moon is in a difficult, out of balance connection with Saturn (inconjunct). Saturn restricts on the one hand, but it can also be the planet of discipline and structure. It can, in this situation, always be reining in Jessica's emotional reactions and may even give her a somewhat somber or more serious demeanor as she grows toward adulthood. This connection may also cause her to dwell on the past in a negative manner or not let go of hurts and emotional injuries. It is important for her to learn to let go of the past and to not hang on to negative feelings. On the positive side, this connection between the Moon and Saturn could lead her to organize, structure and give concrete expression to her emotions.

...Moon has a very lovely and easy connection (trine) with her Midheaven, which...indicates her position in the greater social scheme or society at large, as opposed to her own close circle of friends, of family and the home. It indicates how other people will see her in terms of her reputation and social responsibilities. It shows her ambitious or non-ambitious side in terms of where she will want to be seen in the world, in the greater social scheme. This can be her career and social status as well. She has Scorpio, another water sign, on the cusp of this house.

Scorpio is about looking deeply into things, about power and regeneration. Jessica's Moon is trine her MC, which is a very nice aspect or connection and this will help her to gain success through her abilities to adapt to the public (Moon) and to deal with those in authority. She could rise to prominence in a public way or at least be thought of positively by the public to which she is exposed. This connection of the sensitivity of the Moon and the depth of Scorpio gives her the capability of being very perceptive, insightful, deep and a good investigator of anything she chooses.



Ruler Of Capricorn Is Saturn In The 8th House

The Ascendant (ASC) or Rising the mask we wear to present ourselves to the outside world. It is the first thing about us that people usually see or that we let them see, so it is very important in indicating how we go out into the world.

Jessica's ASC is in Capricorn, which is a cardinal earth sign dedicated to hard work, discipline, success and achievement. It also represents authority and responsibility. So it is likely that Jessica will present herself as a strong, hard working, responsible individual.

...Saturn is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn and for Jessica, Saturn is in the sign of Libra and is posited in the 8th house...shows how the person handles the responsibilities of life, where one brings discipline and maturity to bear as well as where one looks for status and recognition of working for the common benefit of everyone, moving forward in the spirit of cooperation and thinking about the others...takes relationships very seriously and responsibly. It will be through her close relationships that she will learn big lessons. Jessica will not take her connections to others lightly. She will be socially aware and responsible and through this placement may find that she has strong partnerships in career and in life.

Jessica's Saturn has difficult connections to her Ascendant (square), her Sun (opposition) and her Moon (inconjunct). So she will certainly be feeling a social responsibility more strongly than someone who has easy connections. She will most likely demonstrate this through requiring of herself and possibly others even more discipline and exactness.

Remember that Jessica's Sun is in difficult connection (square) to her Ascendant and this makes it difficult for her to present her true self easily. However, her Moon is in an easy connection (sextile) to the ASC and this would give her ability to understand and relate to her emotional side more easily.

Because her ASC is in an easy as connection (sextile) to the planet of communication, Mercury, she will have an ability to communicate to others what she wishes to express. She can be quite clear in explaining, delineating and bringing an understanding of things to others. She will also probably be a connector of people...Her Mercury in Aries will give her the ability to strongly and forcefully express whatever she wants or needs to.

...Mars is in a difficult connection (inconjunct) to Jessica's ASC. The energy connection is difficult to balance out and this may cause her to be a little aggressive when she enters new situations and relationships. She may seem a little "bossy" sometimes and at other times a little passive. This is the energy trying to find a balance. But she has much assistance at putting this energy in perspective and balancing it out through other means.

Her ASC is also in an easy connection (sextile) to Uranus, the planet that indicates non-conformity, rebellion and also the desire to fight for the rights of humanity in a positive way. She also may have events and opportunities suddenly present themselves. So don't be surprised if she can be a little eccentric at times and shows it. She is her own person, after all.

Jessica's T-Square

Jessica's Sun is in opposition to her Saturn and both of those are in square aspect to her Ascendant. This is a particular configuration known as a T-Square. It is difficult and brings challenges to the person. But it is also very dynamic and is a motivating factor to go forward in life. Because this T-Square is in Cardinal signs, it is one of Jessica needing to take action, to make things happen and to take the lead. She is a natural self-starter and may be a strong leader.

...she may feel restrictions on expressing her vitality, but her Ascendant is the place where the energy of expressing that comes into focus. So she will be able to express herself, but in a more disciplined way than an Aries might normally express. Then further, the open end of this T-Square is where relief from the pressure can be found and that is through her 7th house, which will be through close relationships.

A Sample Of The Report Section

About The Sun:


Sun In Libra In The 4th House: The sun in Libra is in its fall. The Sun is ego and in Libra the ego is more concerned about relating to others than shining for and about itself. Jenny's basic character, her identity, is tied to other people, her family and her home life. With the Sun in the Gemini Decanate of Libra she will have an innately curious intellect and with the Sun in the 4th House, an interest in knowing all about the family, its foundations and their connections. She is likely to be involved in two or more things at the same time and will always be seeking intellectual stimulation.

Ruler Of The Sun Is Venus In Libra In The 3rd House: Venus energy is at “home” in Libra. Jenny will be very concerned with balance and harmony in all things, but especially so in her environment. She will look to have beauty, pleasure, good taste in all that surrounds her. She is likely to attract people to her who will give her love and be able to receive it from her.

This child is a person who will be attractive to others. She has a good, balanced mind that focuses on finding beauty and the pleasurable. She may also have an artistic bent.

Sun Conjunct The Moon In Libra In The 4th House: While the Sun represents the basic character of the person, the ego/identity/individuality/life force, the Moon represents the emotions, feelings, subconscious responses. Because these are together in the same sign, same house and the same degree, they function together and respond similarly. This is a nice bond/blending of her feelings of who Jenny is and her emotional makeup. Both are in Libra in the 4th House, giving a strong emphasis on ....

Sun Square Mars In Leo In The 1st House: There are obstacles for Jenny to overcome involving the energy she needs to expend to express her inner self. This is a difficult aspect, but keep in mind that it is also a motivating aspect. She has a strong drive to put herself where she needs to be in the world. And she has the energy and motivation to take care of herself.

Sun Trine Jupiter In Aquarius In The 7th House: This is a lovely, easy aspect that will bring her great benefits in close relationships, whether they be close friendships, business partnerships, marriage or legal relationships. All of these bring ease to her self-expression. She will benefit greatly by being connected to others who are involved in humanitarian causes, groups....

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