"Akasha" is Sanskrit meaning the Primary Substance from which all things are formed. It is very sensitive and registers even the slightest vibration in the universe.

In the Bible it is referred to as the "Book Of Life".

The Akashic Record is the past, present and future knowledge of all things. It records your soul's journey since its creation and can show your soul's possibilities in the future. Past life situations may or may not come forward, depending on their relevancy to what you are working on or seeking in an Akashic Record Reading.

This reading can answer why certain events keep recurring, why you have the same problem over and over with others, why someone in your life is particularly bothersome or particularly special.

In an Akashic Record Consultation we open the record of your soul and its incarnations to allow information to come forward that will support you in your life right now, help you to heal the past and help you into your future.

Your own openness will influence a great deal of what happens during our consultation. The information that comes forth is here to help you with your own consciousness and growth.

Heal. Grow. Investigate. Find direction.

This is a very spiritual experience.

It is the reading of your soul.

All readings are confidential and are given for the highest good of all concerned.