This 6-week beginning astrology course is designed for anyone who wishes to learn and master astrology. It covers the fundamentals of astrology and provides a solid foundation for more advanced astrological study. The course is structured to give the student a strong foundation in order to pursue greater knowledge of astrology. The curriculum explains clearly and precisely how astrology works, how to understand the various parts, put them together, and begin interpretation. There is no need to have any prior knowledge or classes. If you know nothing about astrology but wish to learn, or if you already know some astrology but need structure to help you increase your skill in interpreting charts, this course will provide the knowledge you are seeking. There are no prerequisites for this course.

BEGINNING ASTROLOGY will give you the skills to understand not only the planets, signs, and houses, but also how everything relates and interacts through the "aspects" between them. You will learn how to look at all of this information in an integrated manner so you will be able to interpret a natal chart to identify the characteristics, talents, and challenges of the native. You will also learn to interpret how the transits (current positions) of the planets affect the individual at a given time. Understanding the transits will enable you to identify upcoming energy patterns; this helps you prepare both for difficulties and for opportunities, such as deciding when is best to do something - start a new venture, take a trip, make a move, make investments, etc.

Beyond this course, the individual may read in order to grow his/her knowledge, take advanced courses that will increase his/her knowledge of how to interpret the chart, see more deeply into it and understand whatever he/she wishes within the astrological community.

BEGINNING ASTROLOGY is taught from a viewpoint that involves the spirituality of astrology and addresses how the level of evolvement of the soul affects what the native may or may not do with the chart with which he/she has incarnated, all the while working with the concrete methods of astrological understanding and attainment. The concept that the chart is a roadmap of how the soul functions on the material plane is expressed throughout the classes.

When registering for the course, please give your:

  • Birth date (month, day and year);
  • Birth location (city and state) and (country if not the US);
  • Exact time of your birth as it appears on your birth certificate.

This will enable the instructor to have your chart available for you at the 1st class so you can begin using your chart immediately to further your understanding of astrological concepts as they are working within you. There are handouts/information given at each class meeting, and there will be a small amount of homework so that you have an opportunity to hone your skills.

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Beginning Astrology

Level 1