Progressions show the person's evolution and growth from birth forward by showing how the birth chart itself has moved forward and grown.  It shows the person's internal change in attitudes, preferences, and focus as the natal planets change signs, houses, and aspects as they move forward in time.

Through the progressed chart we also see how the "progressed" planets interact with the natal planets; this shows the types of situations and changes that are coming up, enabling us to forecast or predict what energies are coming and how they will affect the person.

Learn how to progress the planets and how to understand what the progressed planets show.

Part of the class will include interpreting charts of people attending the class. Please bring your own chart (or any you would like to discuss) with progressions for the day of the class or for a time in your life that you wish to share and discuss.  This can be for right now or for a time in your life that had a strong meaning for you.

What to bring: Your natal chart or any chart you would like to investigate; the progressed chart for the moment in time you wish to review.

If you do not have a copy of the natal chart with progressions that you would like to discuss, please email me with the birth information so that I can email the chart(s) to you. 

I need:

  • Month, Day, Year of the birth;
  • The Exact Time Of Birth as it appears on the birth certificate;
  • The City and State of the birth. (If not born in the USA please include the Country of Birth)

My email address: