Understanding Astrological 

Accurately interpreting interceptions of signs and planets in an individual’s horoscope can provide great insights, yet little information about this topic has been available. In response, Astrologer Lin Ewing has developed this class based on her years of investigating this fascinating subject.

Looking at the interceptions can bring clarity and the ability to successfully move forward.

What you will learn in this class:

  • What interceptions in the horoscope mean;
  • Their karmic implications;
  • How they work for the native and in the individual chart.

We will cover:

  • The concept of the interception;
  • How it comes about in the chart;
  • Where it is more likely to occur and to not occur.
  • How the astrologer can explain this condition to the client and assist the client in overcoming obstacles and blockages posed by the interception.

Part of the class will include interpreting charts containing interceptions. Please bring your own charts with interceptions to share and discuss.

Investigating the interceptions in a person's chart brings understanding of energies and needs that have not been met because they were likely not even recognized within the person's environment. What is intercepted can be felt as a part of oneself that has not been allowed to express and can manifest as blocked energies and frustrations.

The other side of an interception is the areas of life (shown in the intercepted houses) which a person has mastered so well that they are spilling over into other areas. We will delve into the counterparts of intercepted signs: intercepted houses. These are two houses which share the same sign on their cusps. They show connected areas of one’s life experience as well as a person’s highly developed traits. We will explore the ruling planets of the duplicated signs to determine how one can maximize the energies of these placements. Lastly, we will examine the connections between the intercepted houses and see how each set of duplicated houses functions together.

We will investigate the aspects to planets that are intercepted—particularly, the rulers of the intercepted signs, which are defined as energies that need development in order to bring forth the qualities of the intercepted sign. By examining the rulers’ house placements and aspects, we can determine how one can best work with and bring to fruition the energies of the interceptions.

What to bring: Your natal chart or any chart you’d like to investigate.

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