The 10th House & More

Take a journey into a fascinating study of vocational options through astrology. There are various astrological indicators, techniques and observations to use in determining what vocational directions a person should follow. In this class we will turn our attention to the signs and qualities that rule the vocational houses while considering the leanings of the native as a whole horoscopic picture. We will use practical, step-by-step techniques for determining an appropriate vocation.

The 10th House cusp or Midheaven (MC) is considered the indicator of one's vocation or "career" in life (as well as social standing). While the nuances of the MC are very important in indicating vocation/career, there are many other indicators of what a person is best suited to for happiness and success. We will look at the houses of substance (2, 6, 10) as well as their rulers in terms of elements, qualities, house placements, and their aspects in order to understand how to arrive at an ideal vocational choice for an individual and we will understand why.

This course can help an individual to find a career/vocation that will bring happiness and fulfillment and can assist in understanding why some of us are perfect for something, while others of us are not.

Please bring a natal chart that you would like to investigate. If you need a chart printed, please give the birth information for that individual when registering:

  • Month, Day, Year of the birth;
  • The Exact Time Of Birth as it appears on the birth certificate;
  • The City and State of the birth. (If not born in the USA please include the Country of Birth)

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