Welcome to Astrological Details!

We offer Astrological Services and Akashic Record Readings. The following pages are here to assist you in learning about these services and to help you decide what suits your needs. All readings are recorded for your future reference and if you are not able to meet in person, "Skype" offers an alternative, interactive method for a reading.

Akashic Record Readings are done by a trained reader who has been reading the records since 1996.

Astrological Readings are done by an actual astrologer, not by a computer program. Your reading is personal, individual and synthesized to help you understand yourself better, make decisions, find direction, plan ahead or to do whatever else you are seeking to do.

All readings done in person are recorded so that you will take a copy of the reading with you at the end of your session. All astrological readings for infants or astrological readings done for someone who cannot be here in person can be recorded or written out and given in a presentation format. Therefore, all readings are documented for future reference.

A sample of the presentation book format is available on the Baby Chart Sample page on this website.

All readings are confidential and are given for the highest good of all concerned.